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The Saturelle timepiece was created by Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Replica.Bell & Ross Replica Watches This watchmaker is an independent one. It is able to provide constant energy and balance without regard for how much energy the mainspring stores. An attached satellite gear is to the second wheel. This is a very innovative and stable solution. Through the skeletonized silver dial, you can see the star-shaped satellite gear.Replica Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean It is equipped with a spring that recharges every second and transfers energy to balance. It creates an energy constant which improves accuracy. It also allows for the display of deadbeat seconds, adding an interesting feature to your timepiece. Strehler's new brand watch features an oval-shaped, platinum or red gold case. This is a rare issue, as only three to ten Swiss watches are made per year. They end up on the wrists of select clients.

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Independent, productive and innovativeOmega Seamaster Planet Ocean Replica has earned a high reputation as a Swiss watchmaker. He attended Solothurn and Frauenfeld watchmaking school. Renaud et Papi was where Strehler started his career. He was responsible for developing complex mechanisms and prototypes.Breitling Bentley Replica Watches He became a well-known innovator quickly. 18 years ago, Strehler decided to be an entrepreneur for himself. With the help of his father, Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Replica, he started a workshop from his garage. He was the one who instilled him with the passion for making watches. Although Strehler knew that he would have to work alone, he prefers to do it because it is the fastest and most efficient way to make watches.

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Strehler was an independent worker's first big success was 1998 when he designed a timekeeper that combined a table calendar and a pocket watch. Calendar indications are done by the table clock portion of the timepiece. The time is displayed on the pocket watch. If the pocket watch is removed from its base, the indication of the calendar does not change. Once the pocket watch has been removed from its base, the calendar will automatically adjust to the current date.Replica Watches The interval should not exceed 3 weeks. This remarkable timekeeper was displayed at the Baselworld fair and was a huge hit. Although it had a similar complication to Abraham Louis Breguet’s Sympatique but was executed in an entirely different way,

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Another intriguing piece was Strehler’s Zwei watch. He created it the following year.Replica Watches This watch is a great example of his innovative and minimalistic design style. There were only two hands at the timekeeper that could be used for minutes or hours. They also functioned as indicators for date and month. You activate a special mechanism by pressing the pushers.

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Notable CollaborationsOver time, Strehler collaborated with many top watchmaking brands. Strehler worked with many companies including Harry Winston (specifically its Opus 7 watch), Maurice Lacroix and Masterpiece Le Chronographe Squelette watches), H.Moser & Cie as well as Vogard Datezone Pilot Chronographs and Chronoswiss.Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Replica This collaboration will be discussed more later. Strehler has been a member since 2000 of Academie Horlogere des Createurs Independants. This year's Gaia Award for Crafts Creation was awarded to him by the International Watch Museum, Chaux-de-Fond's.

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