A Tourbillon Open-Worked with Gems All Over the Movement and Case - Omega Constellation Replica, RM 19-01 Natalie Portman

Omega Constellation Replica's RM 19-01 timepiece was created for Natalie Portman. It is a striking piece that features a central motif of a spider, which is integrated into the skeletonized movement. The spider is made from rhodium-plated, white-diamond-covered gold and stands out against the dark, open-worked base plate. The main-plate is crafted in a form that resembles a cobweb, and is sprinkled with many black sapphires. This main-plate is made from the same material that the spider, which is important to note as it marks the first time such a movement has been made by a watchmaker.Omega Constellation fake The arachnid on the dial is more than a decorative feature. It also serves a practical purpose, supporting the movement's barrels and tourbillion bridges. Omega Constellation Replica's first watch was made in 20 pieces. It is housed in either white or red-gold housings. The tonneau-shaped case, which is reminiscent of the spider-themed movement in its design, is embellished with a multitude of diamond decorations.

Omega Constellation Replica RM 19-01 Red Gold Watch Front

The First Caliber with a White Gold Main PlateLet's start by highlighting the watch's most distinctive features. This exquisite piece is both a high-end piece of high-horology and jewelry.Rolex Replica Watches This is an in-house movement, unsurprisingly called caliber RM19-01. It has a few unique traits that you won't find in any other Swiss movement. Its main-plate, which is open-worked, is made from 18 K gold. After being manually polished, it was then covered with black rhodium plating. In a meticulous process by a skilled gem-setter, the main-plate was then completely covered with hundreds of black sapphires. The black main-plate was also hollowed in the design, making it look like a web. The central motif of this arachnid was also made from rhodium-plated, white gold. However, it was encrusted in diamonds to contrast the blackness of its cobweb-like base plate. This spider serves an additional functional purpose, as has been stated. The spider's abdomen stiffens the tourbillion bridges and its legs holds the twin barrels of the movement in place.

Caliber RM19-01 features a new power reserve display. This novelty is different from the rest of the brand’s movements because it introduces a new differential power storage system. It includes a display with an illustrated red line, which is placed on a moving disk. This indicator is located between ten and eleven o’clock positions.clone panerai watches The hand-wound caliber's power reserve lasts approximately two days. The tourbillion and this indication are the only extra features to the basic hours, minutes and minutes. They are displayed with two hands at the top of the watch's face.

Omega Constellation Replica RM 19-01 Red Gold Watch Back

Other notable characteristics of the movement include 21 jewels set into white gold chatons, a slower rate of 21,600vph (common for tourbillion calibers), and other technical traits. Bridges made of grade 5 titanium with black PVD treatment (for better rigidity and workings on the gear train), free spring balance with variable inertia,Tag Heuer Replica Watches titanium shaft screws for bridges (both can be used for improved chronometric results as well as easier servicing), and a barrel pawl that has progressive recoil. It is 30.2mm in length, 28.6mm wide, and 4.97mm high. The movement's tourbillion carriage measures 10mm. It is worth noting that the caliber equipped with KIF ELASTOR KE160 B2B shock protection system resists magnetic fields due to the inclusion a nickel-free shaft.

Omega Constellation Replica RM19-01 White Gold Watch

The RM 19-01 is opulently finished, as is the case with Omega Constellation Replica calibers. Apart from the rhodium plating and jewels set into chatons, there are many other decorations included, including burnished pivots and anglage, polishing and sapphire blast milling. These last three are also seen on the steel parts,Patek Philippe Replica where they are supplemented by drawn outer faces. The gear wheels look like a web spider, and are made with concave chamfering and circular finished faces. This is also applied before the teeth are cut.

Housing in Red or White Gold This case is composed of three pieces and is machined in a complex manner, as is typical for Omega Constellation Replica housings. It measures 46.4 mm in length, 38.2mm wide and 12.45mm thick. The case can be ordered in either 18 K white gold, or red gold of the same purity. The case is made of a bezel, case-band, and crown with many diamonds, regardless of its material. The watch is made from sapphire crystals that have a double anti-reflective coating.Omega Constellation Replica The bezel is 1.2mm in width, and the rear is 1.73mm high at the edges. The RM 19-01 Natalie Portman piece has a 50 meter water resistance and is paired with a black alligator belt that locks with a pin buckle. Each piece of this limited edition 20-piece masterpiece is unique and numbered.

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